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Sex Toys: America’s Little Secret ~ Infographic

Comments Off on Sex Toys: America’s Little Secret ~ Infographic 31 August 2010

Although not quite “mainstream,” sex toys will likely become an even more commonly used relationship and sex enhancer than it is today. This infographic has some great info about adult toys. Take a look, it’s not as strange as you may think!

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America’s Liquor Laws—The Good, The Bad & The Ridiculous

2 Comments 31 August 2010

Each state has it’s own set of laws–some that make sense for historical reasons, and others that are completely random. In regards to alcohol, each state tends to differ quite substantially on how, when and how much booze can be served.

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Who is getting laid in the USA

1 Comment 30 August 2010

Who wants sex the most in the USA and who is getting it the most? This infographic illustrates some interesting research and answers the questions.

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Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers, Study Finds

8 Comments 30 August 2010

A new paper in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research suggests that — for reasons that aren't entirely clear — abstaining from alcohol does actually tend to increase one's risk of dying. The new study provides the strongest evidence yet that moderate drinking is not only fun but good for you. So make mine a double.

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Guinness: Share one with a friend… or two

1 Comment 29 August 2010

Leave it to your imagination ~ Guinness commercial ~ www.guinness.com

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How to tell if you’re addicted to porn ~ flow chart

1 Comment 27 August 2010

Addiction causes us to engage in destructive behaviors that harm ourselves and others. Is your porn habit an addiction? The following flow chart will help you easily find out.

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Matchbox Calendar 2011

1 Comment 26 August 2010

At this time of year we start to see calendars for the new year. The first this year to catch our eye comes from an unexpected source: Matchbox. Enjoy the Matchbox Calendar 2011…

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History of Sex Robots ~ Infographic

Comments Off on History of Sex Robots ~ Infographic 26 August 2010

By now you’re probably aware of Roxxxy, the world’s first sex robot, built by TrueCompanion. The infographic below takes you through the journey that has led to the development of this robotic companion with it’s artificial intelligence based personality and flesh-like synthetic skin.

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20 Strangest Sex Laws From Around the World

Comments Off on 20 Strangest Sex Laws From Around the World 25 August 2010

There are certain laws pertaining to sex that make absolute sense, such as making intercourse with minors and nonconsensual sex illegal. That said, not all laws related to sex make sense and some have no businesses existing. Here’s a collection of 20 of the weirdest sex laws from around the world.

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Why we like smoking cigars

6 Comments 25 August 2010

Cigar smokers all have there own unique reasons why they enjoy the pastime of cigar smoking. This is a collection of replies to the question: “What do you like about smoking cigars?” There’s an understanding among us: “Any cigar smoker is a friend, because I know how he feels.” ~Alfred de Musset

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Types of Couples

1 Comment 24 August 2010

Infographic ~ Couple Dynamics: The sad way the world views them.

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Sex Boosts Brain Growth, Study Suggests

Comments Off on Sex Boosts Brain Growth, Study Suggests 24 August 2010

Sex apparently can help the brain grow, according to new findings. While stress hormones can be detrimental to the brain, these effects can be overridden if whatever experiences triggered them were pleasant.

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