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Cigar Babe of the Week: Roxi Dlite

9 Comments 05 July 2010

Roxi Dlite

Roxi Dlite is the Reigning Queen of Burlesque and Miss Exotic World 2010.

We asked Roxi to answer 4 questions

What’s your favorite cigar?
“Montecristo No. 4”

What’s your favorite drink?
“A Perfect Manhattan, (no twist & no cherry juice please, and I prefer it on the rocks.)”

What do you like best about guys who smoke cigars?
“A man who smokes a cigar is usually classy and usually has money and enjoys the finer things in life.”

What do real men drink?

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Roxi began performing burlesque in 2004. Since then, she has devoted her life to a sultry, swanky and sophisticated life of glamour known as burlesque.

Roxi kicked things up a notch when she included the jaw-dropping aerial act that has since become her signature show. Roxi was professionally trained by a former Cirque Du Soleil performer and credits her own childhood involvement in gymnastics for the successful transition. (continued below)

Roxi has performed on stages all over Canada and the United States for the best in the industry, including the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas where she became the Reigning Queen of Burlesque and Miss Exotic World 2010. The crowning came just one year after Roxi won the 1st runner-up to Miss Exotic World in 2009. She’s performed and headlined burlesque festivals in Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Vancouver and Austin.

Roxi made her New York debut just two years ago and the wild Big Apple weekend was capped off by a pair of coveted NYBF Golden Pastie Awards earning the 2008 titles for Hottest Freshman and Biggest Tease.

She is a regular performer at Detroit’s Theatre Bizarre and world renown Dirty Show and has even been interviewed by Eric Powell himself for a burlesque inspired issue of the Eisner Award winning comic, The Goon.

Roxi has been voted one of the Top 5 Burlesque Performers of 2009 (21st Century Pinups) and one of the 20 Hottest Burlesque Stars in the world (Asylum Magazine). Canada’s national newspaper calls her a “stellar variety act,” (Globe and Mail) and she is known throughout the metropolitan Detroit area as a “burlesque queen” (Detroit Free Press) and the “reigning burlesque diva” (Windsor Star).

Roxi recently completed what she calls one of her most gratifying accomplishments – a critically acclaimed run as the lead in Wonderland, a burlesque-inspired retelling of the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The visionaries behind Detroit’s Theatre Bizarre were inspired by the Roxi Dlite’s Cabaret Series production of the Mad Hatter’s Tease Party.

Wonderland featured burlesque, singing, suspension artists, contact juggling, aerial artists, belly dancing and an original soundtrack performed live by a 7-piece band. The entire production has since been released on DVD. (continued below)

Burlesque paved the way to Roxi’s second love of pinup photography and modeling. Roxi is a self-proclaimed Stripographer. A lengthy performance history as Canada’s International Burlesque Performer, Aerial Artist, and Pinup Model paved the way for Roxi Dlite Photography, a vintage pin-up and glamour photography studio.

Roxi began modeling for her own promotional material and fell in love with the camera. Roxi has been featured in publications such as Java’s Bachelor Pad magazine, Car Kulture DeLuxe magazine and Issue 20 of The Goon Comic.

The Drinking, Smoking, Stripping Machine now works both sides of a camera for Roxi Dlite Photography. Using her background in graphic design and her eye for glamour, Roxi styles, shoots and edits all of her modeling material as well as anyone else who wants to be a “Pin-Up for a Day.”

Roxi has photographed and modeled for Goth Fox Pasties, Vivien of Holloway, My Sweet Corazon, Topsy Turvy and Pretty Bird Accessories.

“I’m just a kind and humble gal, who just likes to take her clothes off. I’ll continue to strip ‘til the audience throws tomatoes at me. Then, being a savvy business woman, I’ll go into the ketchup business.” ~Roxi Dlite

Roxi’s Website:
Twitter: @Roxi_Dlite
Facebook Group Page
Burlesque Hall of Fame:

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  1. nicholas sanders says:

    looks realy sexy i would love to play with this hot lady

  2. Rich says:

    Smokin’ hot!

  3. medical assistant says:

    this post is very usefull thx!

  4. Genial post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

  5. Chris says:

    Gotta love Roxi!

  6. Richard says:

    This woman is scorching hot as the flame on my cigars! And she’s very smart business-wise. And THAT is more sexier than anything!

  7. drew says:

    is that a cigar in your mouth?,or are you just glad to see me?

  8. Import Cigars says:

    I just wanted to send this brief opinion of mine so others might dwell on its content while being aware of “reality”-really simple, really logical, really humble. At times, there are specific things that mesh, become one, dovetail each other, & do so w/ no moderation/alteration. When an ever so attractive lady bonds w/ her fine cigar to the point of being sensuous & sexy, glamorous & w/class, & naturally confident, they become as one…as if it were meant to be. Both enhance the other from the beginning of their relationship, & grow together w/ time. Roxi knows just how intense her cigar passions are, & dares not to impede that which is…experience it all, & share w/ others.
    And I thank you…

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