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Too Cute Tuesday

Comments Off on Too Cute Tuesday 15 June 2010

As you know if you follow me on Twitter, I love to find unique, funny, and sexy pictures, cartoons, and illustrations to post on my Twitpic site. As of today, I have posted over 1,000 pictures there. Enough to keep anyone entertained for days. This brings me to this article. I thought, what do I do with all my pictures that don’t fit the genre of Sex, Cigars & Booze?

As I was looking through one of my folders of 13,889 photos this morning, I kept seeing all these “too cute” pictures. The reason I saved them was for my daughter, but I thought I might as well share some of them with you too. Comment if you like this and I might do it more often. If not, tell me that too.

Here you go, 14 “Too Cute” photos for Tuesday:

…and then in keeping with the name of this magazine… here’s a picture of BOOBS & PUSSY:

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