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Wednesday’s Love & Sex Links

Comments Off on Wednesday’s Love & Sex Links 23 June 2010

Sex is like air; it’s not important unless you aren’t getting any. 5 articles and links to improve & enhance your life.

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Sapporo Epic Beer Commercial

Comments Off on Sapporo Epic Beer Commercial 22 June 2010

In this commercial, Sapporo not only demonstrates great pride in their product, but in two minutes they give us a crash course in Japanese cultural history. This is how beer commercials should be made!

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Cigar Babe of the Week: Teresa aka “Smoking Hot Cigar Chick”

7 Comments 21 June 2010

Teresa is the creator of "Smoking Hot Cigar Chick", a blog focusing on reviews, interviews, pairings, and insights from the cigar world. She has been published in Cigar Press Magazine and has traveled to Honduras and Nicaragua to see the cigar making process first hand, with plans to visit the Dominican Republic next.

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Playboy The Book of Cigars

Comments Off on Playboy The Book of Cigars 21 June 2010

A one-of-a-kind illustrated tribute to the joys and history of the cigar—and the good life. For some, nothing is as pleasurable as the smell and taste of a great cigar. For them, Playboy The Book of Cigars will be the next best thing to lighting up. Whether you want to learn the finer points of cutters, cutting, or humidors, or want to understand more about how fine tobacco is grown and fine cigars rolled, it’s all here for you.

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World Cup Fans 2010

Comments Off on World Cup Fans 2010 21 June 2010

25 Photos of fans at the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup in South Africa.

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Sir Winston Churchill Loved Cigars & Booze

Comments Off on Sir Winston Churchill Loved Cigars & Booze 18 June 2010

Winston Churchill (1874–1965) lived to the age of 91 and the record clear shows that he loved to smoke cigars, one after the other, and he drank copious amounts of booze, his favorite was whisky… Scotch whisky. Here are some of his great quotes…

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Beautiful Booze Under Microscope

1 Comment 18 June 2010

Stuff under a microscope can look pretty cool. Lester Hutt thought so, too. He is the founder of Bevshots, an art firm that specializes in art works for buyers who appreciate the hidden beauty of booze. Here are 20 Bevshots examples…

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Study: Obese People Have Less & Risky Sex

3 Comments 17 June 2010

French study finds obesity may negatively affect sexual health, and researchers say that given the prevalence of obesity, sexual problems may become more common.

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12 X-Ray Photoed Pin-up Girls

5 Comments 17 June 2010

The Eizo medical supply company created a calendar of 12 X-Ray "photoed" models shown in sexy poses similar to girls in popular pin-up calendars.

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Orgasm: O So Good For You

3 Comments 17 June 2010

Taking steps to achieve orgasm is well worth it since the psychological and physical benefits of doing so are numerous. The OhMiBod can get you there. Its got rhythm: Plug the colorful, sexy naughtinano by OhMiBod into your ipod–or any MP3 player–and it pulses in sync with the tune you’re hearing.

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Learn to Reconnect

Comments Off on Learn to Reconnect 17 June 2010

If you have two minutes, we have a quick little trick that might just make your marriage last forever. We are not kidding. If you're worried about your marriage (and even if you're not!), you simply have to try this.

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Revealing The Most Interesting Man in The World

1 Comment 16 June 2010

In love with women, cigars and booze, but classier than most, he travels the world seeking experiences. His charm is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it… (Dos Equis Icon)

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