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Communicate Effectively About Sex & Booze

Comments Off on Communicate Effectively About Sex & Booze 23 June 2010

Knock Knock, a creator and publisher of a fantastic line of clever and fun stationery products, has come up with a number of unique ways to get your message out. The following six examples illustrate what I mean…

1. You want to have sex with someone. Here’s a way to let them know: “Why I MUST have sex with you.” While sex is one of our basic needs, the diversity of reasons to engage in it staggers the libido. Clarify your motivation with a checklist that indicates every reason possible for doing it. Who says romance is dead?

Product Page

2. Assuming you get the date. Here’s a way to evaluate the date.

Product Page

3. While you’re on the date you may have had some wine, but did you enjoy it? Here’s a form to evaluate the wine.

Product Page

4. You’re sitting around with some friends quaffing beer one afternoon and someone suggests the beer they’re drinking is excellent, while someone else suggests it tastes like shit. Well, there’s an evaluation form for that, too.

Product Page

5. Some days you just feel like getting drunk, but maybe you don’t want to do it alone. Let someone know you require they be your partner in inebriation, whether for debauched conversation, post-beverage sex, or simply because God invented the blender.

Product Page

6. Well, now you’ve had a fair bit of booze. Drunkenness begets poor decision. Now you can help fellow boozehounds—or yourself—avoid questionable choices by administering the latest in paper damage control.

Product Page

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