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Beautiful Booze Under Microscope

1 Comment 18 June 2010

Stuff under a microscope can look pretty cool. Lester Hutt thought so, too. He is the founder of Bevshots, an art firm that specializes in art works for buyers who appreciate the hidden beauty of booze.

These colorful pictures were taken with an old-fashioned 35mm camera of alcoholic drinks under a microscope. They reveal the molecules that make up our favorite beverages.

“What you can see in the magnified pictures are the crystallized carbohydrates that have become sugars and glucose. Each image was created by using a pipette of each particular drink and squeezing a drop onto a slide. Then the droplets are allowed to dry out and the slide is placed under the microscope and a picture taken.” ~Lester Hutt

Open for business since August 2009, Bevshots estimate that they have sold over 20,000 examples of their alcoholic art works.

Here are 20 Bevshots examples:

American Lager

Black Russian

Canadian Ice Lager




Czech Pilsener


Dry Martini

Irish Pale Lager


Mexican Light Lager

Piña Colada







White Russian

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1 comment

  1. Meagan says:

    Those pictures are amazing…I always knew there was something crazy and beautiful about this “booze” we drink, these pictures show it…My personal favorite was the black russian picture…

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