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6 Foods for Hotter Sex

1 Comment 04 June 2010

Want a really romantic dinner? Sure, candles and soft music are nice, but what you and your man nosh on could truly take things to another level. The following (healthy!) foods may actually affect hormone levels, brain chemistry, and energy, heightening arousal and sex drive. While there aren’t double-blind studies proving the aphrodisiac properties of these foods, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting they really help, so why not work in one (or more) on your next date night.

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Passive Smoking: A Fear Based on Nothing

2 Comments 04 June 2010

"They have created a fear that is based on nothing" ~World-renowned pulmonologist, president of the prestigious Research Institute Necker for the last decade, Professor Philippe Even, now retired, tells us that he’s convinced of the absence of harm from passive smoking. A shocking interview.

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Bourbon of the Day: Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage

Comments Off on Bourbon of the Day: Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 04 June 2010

Excellent bourbon at a bargain price. The first American Whiskey ever to win The Spirit Journal’s Whiskey of the Year award, bottled solely from one barrel hand-selected by Master Distillers Parker and Craig Beam. Bourbon Lovers will not be disappointed.

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Cigar of the Day: San Cristobal by Ashton

1 Comment 04 June 2010

San Cristobal cigars are a culmination of efforts by Ashton and the supreme blending talent of Cuban-born tobacco grandmaster Don José Pepin Garcia. Full-bodied yet smooth, San Cristobal delivers a profoundly complex flavor, including hints of chocolate, nuts, espresso, earth and cedar. The cigars are expertly constructed with a Cuban-style triple cap.

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