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Sensual Massage Like a Pro

1 Comment 09 May 2010

How to Massage Like a Pro
By Sarah Fielding

What’s the trick to giving a mind-blowing, erotically charged massage? We asked some professionals to share their secrets, so that you can rub your partner the right way.

The Benefits of Erotic Massage

Establishing a sensual connection with your partner after a period of separation or illness

Creating a heightened sexual response through what is essentially an extended period of foreplay

Addressing issues such as low libido and in some cases, premature ejaculation

Providing lovers with a relatively safe, skin-to-skin alternative to intercourse

May be incorporated into fantasy or role-playing scenarios

How to Set the Scene

Switch off your mobile phone

Light some candles

Put on some sexy, soothing music

Have massage oils, lubricant, sex toys (if using) and tissues handy

Cover your massage surface (bed or massage table) with a clean sheet and have clean towels handy (though not your bestlinen, as massage oil can stain).

Let’s Begin
“It’s nice if we start off with a shower,” says Krystal, an erotic masseuse, adding that the heat and steam helps loosen up any overworked muscles. “Once you’ve both toweled off, ask them to lay face down on the bed or massage table. You should both be naked for the massage,” she adds.

Begin by lightly stroking your partner’s body with your finger tips. Start with the back, moving to the shoulders, upper arms and all the way down to their wrists. Then move to the buttocks, following the line of the leg down the thighs and to the calves.

A Deeper Rub
Pour a liberal amount of massage oil onto your hands and rub them together to warm the oil. Then begin massaging your partner’s back with long, deep strokes, using your body weight to lean into each stroke. “Ask your partner how they’re enjoying the massage. Get them to tell you what they like, or if it’s too light or too hard,” says Krystal.

Keeping your hands in constant contact with your partner, you should then work your way across their shoulders and down their arms, before moving to the lower body. “The buttocks is a place where many people hold a lot of tension, so give this area some firm attention before moving down the length of the legs, using long, deep strokes,” says Vicki, a remedial and sports masseuse.

Front On
After you’ve worked the whole back of the body in this way, ask your partner to roll onto their back. Begin working on the chest area — if your partner is a woman, this means lightly caressing nipples and breasts. “The breasts and genitals aren’t touched during a therapeutic massage, but may be during a sensual massage,” says Vicki, adding that “massaging the abdomen can be uncomfortable and is not recommended.”

Skim your fingertips lightly over your partner’s belly and head down towards the thighs, brushing your fingers over their genitals on the way. Glide up and down the length of the leg and then linger ever so slightly at the pubic region.

Genital Massage
Rubbing your lover the right way requires constant communication. When giving a sensual massage, you should ask your lover how they are feeling; you can also tell them how their body feels to you.

Massaging Women
Apply a small amount of massage oil to your palms and rub together. Massage the entire visible area of the genitals with deep, wide strokes. Then apply some water-based lubricant to your fingers and begin to gently explore and massage the clitoris — a soft, rhythmic circling motion works well for most women. You may use your free hand to keep in touch with the rest of her body, stoking her stomach, breasts and face as appropriate.

Once you’ve established a pleasing rhythm, your partner may find vaginal penetration particularly satisfying, and this combined with the clitoral massage usually results in orgasm. Ask you partner before proceeding with vaginal stimulation; once you have the go ahead, this may be achieved through the use of well-lubricated fingers or a suitably sized — and lubed — sex toy.

Massaging Men
Firm and consistent strokes are most pleasurable when performing male genital massage. Here are two commonly used in erotic massage:

The Heel — using the heel of your palm, glide along the length of the underside of the penis from the base of the penis to the head. Your spare hand can be put to good use gently cupping the testicles.

The Anvil — grip the penis with one hand and slide down towards the base, your second hand should be positioned at the head of the penis ready to start its move down the shaft once the first hand is removed. Repeat this motion and increase the speed and pressure as required.

All techniques require the use of liberal amount of massage oil or lube and of course, check with you partner that the pressure and type of motion is satisfying. Then repeat until climax.

Finishing Touches
It is considered good erotic massage etiquette to wrap your partner in a warm, clean sheet or towel at the end of the massage. You might like to keep some water or even champagne handy — giving and receiving a sensual massage is intense business and you and your lover will certainly work up a thirst. Then take a few moments to bask in the afterglow.


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