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Nude Vodka ~ Simply Seductive

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Vodka Disrobed… Enjoy the difference, with NUDE Vodka’s™ smooth style and unbelievable taste!

N U D E !
A hip, refreshing, smooth tasting, ultra premium Vodka perfectly suited for the more sensitive pallet of the new Vodka drinker. On the rocks, in a Martini, mixed with a splash of pomegranate, NUDE is the Vodka for a new generation.

The ultra-clean Cascade Mountain spring water and thorough filtration process gives NUDE its incredible smoothness. This combination of first-rate ingredients and hand-craftsmanship make NUDE Vodka a world-class masterpiece.

Quick Facts:
• Five-times Filtered over Crushed Volcanic Lava Rock
• Distilled with Pure Cascade Mountain Water
• 100% Gluten Free (Made with corn)
• Born in the U.S.A. (Bend, OR)

NUDE’s Stillmaster believes that vodka should be consumed like a fine wine, drunk pure as it is made. That is the foundation that NUDE Vodka™ lives by, our true ultra-premium vodka proves it!

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John Elway - Football Hall-of-Famer & Vodka Investor

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