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Find a Cigar Friendly Place Near You!

1 Comment 28 April 2010

Here’s a resource you can use to find a place to smoke cigars where you live or especially when you’re away. You can find a place to enjoy a cigar even if you’re somewhere you’ve never been before. Every cigar smoker knows that when you find a cigar friendly place all you have to do is go in and you’ll meet friends you haven’t met yet.

“Any cigar smoker is friend, because I know how he feels.”
~Alfred de Musset

Blessed be the man who invented smoking, the soother and comforter of a troubled spirit, allayer of angry passions, a comfort under loss of breakfast, and to the roamer of desolate places, the solitary wayfarer through life, serving for wife, children, and friends.

From the website… was developed for the sole purpose of providing a resource for all cigar smokers to locate cigar friendly establishments. In this day and age of smoking bans, restricted smoking and self proclaimed health guru’s, it seems to be getting more and more difficult to find someplace to go.

I decided to launch this site after word from my local cigar bar that they would be closing their “ventilation system” for good. In March of 2009, Virginia state legislature passed a bill, which would ban the activity of smoking in restaurants, bars, etc. There were three ways around the ban. The first was to be a members only club, the second was to be in a location where a majority of your sales were tobacco and the final was to have a smoking area separated by wall and door and on it’s own ventilation system. The lounge that I visited had both a separate room and a separate system. They however, for fear of being a future target, decided to simply convert it to a non-smoking room.

As I look around, I see more states passing smoking bans. I see more restaurants who do allow smoking shunning Cigar smokers as if we are the cause of this. I hope this service is a benefit to anyone who has ever wanted to simply go out and have a good time, to enjoy a fine cigar over a nice meal or 18 year old glass of scotch.

~Stephen Boyajian
Owner of

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