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Are There Health Benefits Associated with Wine?

Comments Off on Are There Health Benefits Associated with Wine? 24 April 2010

By Christian Goodman

I had the pleasure recently of dining out with some good friends. My friend “Jane” surprised me by drinking red wine. When she drank, it was never red wine, as she complained about the taste and temperature.

Red wine plays a major role in reducing the possibilities of blood pressure. Jane told me that she read an essay that explained the significance of red wine over white wine. It mainly brought out the positive points of red wine for the heart.

This never seemed strange to me because I have heard that the study on taking red wine in a limited quantity has shown health improvements. Women must take a glass and men should take two. On taking red wine in a limited quantity, high blood pressure will be cured naturally.

When a research was carried out in Mediterranean countries, the research produced a result that persons who took diets full of fat had very low bad cholesterol, high good cholesterol and very low blood pressure. The key reason behind that was taking limited amount of red wine regularly.

Two antioxidants namely resveratrol and flavonoids that are present in the skin and seeds of grape fruit are used for a chemical change process stay as the reason behind it.

Flavanoids prohibit stone formation in the heart and stops clotting of blood. Resveratrol increases good cholesterol and stops blood clots.

A research states that particles in white wine dissolve easily than the ones in the red wine. Many recent studies tell us that White wine and other alcoholic drinks are also beneficiary.

It is good to have wine in a limit. Drinking of wine was termed as bad and illegal in olden days. But it has now turned out to be a positive approach in improving health.

On the other hand, Drinking too much has caused serious health problems when compared to the benefits it has.

A study says that one must not cultivate the habit of taking alcohol. If one has the habit he must have it in a limit. Too much of drinking can cause addiction, weight gain and high blood pressure and can spoil major organs of the body.

One must not take alcohol just to reduce blood pressure. Natural High Blood Pressure Program can be followed to reduce it. This program has effective results in lowering blood pressure naturally. For weight loss the suggestion would be Weight Loss Breeze Program.


Christian Goodman is a well known health researcher and the author of several revolutionary natural ways of blood pressure causes. One of his most popular breakthroughs is to cure high blood pressure naturally. You can learn more about him in his natural blog.

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